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Welcome to my website!  When I first started this blog I thought it would be all about real estate but real estate is life so thats my blog... life.  

First things first my name is Denise and this is my first ever blog, so I apologize in advance, this may take some getting used to.   Let me tell you a little bit about me, or a lot who knows.  I am 35 years old and have three kids ages 17, 2, and 1.  Yes you read that right! What was I thinking?  For all my working adult life I have been working as a bartender and bar manager and enjoyed every minute of it.  I love people and talking to them pretty much about anything.  My journey in the real estate world started in 2014 when I husband got his real estate license in Alaska.   I did everything with him, went on every showing I could and met every client he had. I found I really enjoyed the world of real estate and the relationships my was able to watch my husband develop.  We actually got married in 2015 and had our son in May 2016.  In February of 2017 we moved to Arizona.  I as always started working in restaurants while he took the required classes and tests to get his license here in Arizona.  In February of 2018 our daughter was born. We decided that once she was born I would get my license and we would do a real estate team together, so I started the classes.  In June 2018 my husband unexpectedly passed away.  I was confused, angry, scared and every other emotion you can think of.  I was left with two babies, two dogs, bills and well life.  After a brief hiatus I decided I would pursue our dream, continue my classes and get my license.  I did exactly that.  "Just because you lost your guide, that doesn't mean you lost your way."   I joined Keller Williams knowing they have so much knowledge and would provide support for me in any way I needed it.   My life has been blessed with so many opportunities and I have so many great people around me and supporting me, I couldn't ask for more.  I am so thankful for my husband and the path he made for me, and the people I have encountered because of it.  I can't wait to share my gratitude and stories with you and keep you updated on todays real estate market in the process.   Lets start living the now, because its what we used to look forward to. 

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Denise Nerland

Hi, my name is Denise. I am 35 years old and my journey in real estate started in Alaska in 2014. I moved to Arizona in 2017, got my license in 2018 and joined Keller Williams at the beginning of th....

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Feb 13 2019 66647 1

Welcome to my website!  When I first started this blog I thought it would be all about real estate but real estate is life so thats my blog... life.  First things first my name is Denise

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